Lily Proctor is the main protagonist of The Worldwalker Trilogy.




Lily has bright, red, long curly hair at the beginning of the series and is small and pale. She is known to wear t-shirts that show her point of view on a topic, such as her 'no nukes' or 'meat is murder' T-shirts. Later, Lily's hair is dyed to a dark colour allowing her to blend in but it is also cut short. Her hair is also dyed platinum blond later in the first book again to allow her to blend in.

Lily begins the series wearing mundane clothes, such as jeans and cotton shirts yet when she enters the alternate universe, she wears a leather like substitute, yet when performing magic, she wears a white silk slip which is like a uniform for witches as it made it easier for them to use their abilities.



At the beginning, Lily is shown to have a crush on her best friend, Tristan Corey. She is shown to be very annoyed at him for the way he treated Miranda Clark however. After the disastrous party and after she traveled to the alternate universe, she met Rowan Fall, who was extremely distrustful of her. They developed a relationship later in the series.